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What if I could show you, step-by-step, a guaranteed method to rank your video at #1 on YouTube?


I'm no superhero. 

I've just learnt, and researched, and tested things out. 

I've tried this and tried that, 

and now know what works.

Whatever you use YouTube for, however good your video content is,
It doesn’t matter what you do, or how good you are


"Matt's somehow figured out the formula to rank videos on the 1st page of Google,
which is like some dark art that's been taught in Hogwarts." Ruben Clarke, Agency Owner

Let me tell you a quick story about the time my business was wiped out overnight!... and how you can use what I learned to drive traffic to your offer for free.

This all happened about 12 months ago.
Here's what happened:

Coronavirus hit, and my business (sports coaching) was wiped out overnight. In the summer I usually made 80% of my total year's income, and it was gone! Everyone else was thinking, great some time off, whilst I was thinking – OMG, this is it. What now?

To add insult to injury

I then got the bug myself, and was laid out with covid for 2 weeks.

This was just after my 50th birthday, too.

So there I was: old, with no job, no income, no chance of re-training.

This was my lowest point.

It was then I realised I had to take massive action
– and take control of my life. 

So here’s what happened next:

I jumped on a 'wealth summit' webinar with 'industry experts' from around the world. I paid for their training – I knew I had to invest in myself – I had to make this work. So I paid for it on my credit card and gave myself 2 months to make it back! I did, in less than that too. 

I then dedicated myself to learning about internet marketing, affiliate marketing and everything I could learn to make money online!

When all was said and done, I knew I’d turned a corner when one day a few months later,  I tested out some of the things I'd discovered, and you know what? It worked! 

I was able to rank a quick video for an affiliate offer on the first page of YouTube and Google! 


And I was able to do it again, and again...

Then I started my Agency helping local businesses to
The Top of the Search Rankings

I showed my mate how, and soon he was ranking videos too!

Soon I was coaching others to do it as well!

That's when I started my first agency
Helping local businesses rank at the top of the search results

Driving leads to their business

So what’s the big takeaway from this story? Simple:

If you take massive action and invest in yourself – you will succeed.

And that’s why I want to reveal my software and strategies for 

How to rank your offer on the 1st page of YouTube and Google within minutes 

– not months or years, but today! 

With the step-by-step training, you can drive traffic to your offer for free and build your business!

But don’t take my word for it – ask Ruben Clarke.
He runs his own digital marketing agency – and this is what he said… 

"Matt's somehow figured out the formula to rank videos on the 1st page of Google,
which is like some dark art that's been taught in Hogwarts." Ruben Clarke

This doesn't just work for local businesses...
It works for:

Affiliate Marketing
Your own website
Any video you produce
Works in any niche

This is totally white hat.

Not only is the software included,

There is all the knowledge, strategies and experience that I am sharing with you.

The step-by-step insider knowledge and exact process that I have been using,

to get results like this...

 For an Affiliate Offer

For an Agency

For Your Own Product

Blitz your market with videos and you will be the ONLY choice!

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I use Instant Video Ranker to drive traffic to my affiliate offers – the software worked straight 'out of the box' too!

Diana Keeler

Instant Video Ranker Member

The training is straightforward step-by-step in small easy to follow videos. None of those hour long ones you need to sift through!

David Shoup

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If you're not already using video in your marketing,
You are missing out!

Added Bonuses If You Purchase Today

For a limited time only, you get all these bonuses when you buy Instant Video Ranker today – worth $542!

Done for You Keyword Research

Bonus 1 – the mega bonus

Often the hardest thing is researching the keywords to target.

To get you on the right track I will do this for you! Yep, you heard that right – you get me to work for you for less than the price of a takeaway!

Why on earth would I offer this?

I want you to be successful and use Instant Video Ranker to do that, again and again. So I am willing to work for you at the start to make this happen. I'll not only guide you in the right direction, I will actually spend my time working for you to get you the best keywords to target for your first campaign!

Value $197

Checklist of all the ranking requirements

Bonus 2

I'm going to share with you my own personal Rankings Checklist that I use to rank my own and my clients videos at #1 on YouTube.

This has taken me hundreds of hours of learning and research and tests to compile the definitive checklist for ranking videos.

This goes beyond what is in this course and includes every element you can optimise to rank videos better.

Value $97

Done for You Thumbnail Templates

Bonus 3

Having good thumbnails is key to getting clicks. Inside the members area I'll share access to a whole raft of DfY Thumbnail Templates.

Thumbnails are a key tool to get clicks and views and rankings. Here I showcase a simple way for you to access loads of great thumbnails.

Value $67

Over-the-shoulder Case Study

Bonus 4

Watch live over my shoulder as I rank a client's video at #1 for (seven) 7 Keywords at once!

I will share with you my business model so you can start your own agency doing exactly this – as soon as this week if you choose to.

Value $47

Social Media Marketing – Full Additional Course

Bonus 5

This is not just some making up the list bonus – this is a WHOLE EXTRA COURSE! Included for Free!.

10 Module training course on Social Media Marketing.

From strategy to channel to tactics. Everything you need to know to succeed with Social Media.

Value $97

Outranking the experts case study!

bonus BONUS (that's not a typo!)

This is an extra bonus!

Case study where I rank above a self-proclaimed "Video SEO expert" in under 10-minutes using Instant Video Ranker.

Value $37

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If you don't feel that Instant Video Ranker is right for you, just drop me an email within 30 days and I'll refund your $17, no quibble, no questions asked, and we'll still be friends. How's that?

I know this works. And all the people who’ve used this also know it works. But you might be skeptical and that’s perfectly normal. I get that. So, I want you to come on board, apply the methods and then judge for yourself. This guarantee allows you to do that with no risk.

You can have this working within the hour.

So you get to keep over $800 of products, even if you request a refund!

What are you waiting for?

LOOK at this Before and After example...
You could have your own agency doing this; this time next week!

Still don't believe me? Here's some more proof!

Instant Video Ranker is dead simple to use:
Just 4 easy steps!

The insiders best kept Secret 

Module 1

The essential pre-work that most marketers never tell you about!

A couple of the most important things you can do should be completed before you upload to YouTube – I reveal them straight off.

Done For You

Module 2

Content Engine 1.0 software creates and optimises your Titles, Tags, and Descriptions.

You just copy and paste.

YouTube set-up

Module 3

How to set your YouTube settings, playlists etc to help your videos get ranked.

It's not rocket science – but you want to do it correctly don't you?

Miss this and miss out!

Module 4

How to share your video with the world and instantly hit the top of the charts!

Insider knowledge loads of people on YouTube fail to do every day!

Ready to take action?

Instant Video Ranker Launch Special

As I said, it's not magic. It's knowledge.
But knowledge is not Power!
ACTION is POWER, knowledge is just potential.

Having your video at #1 is like having a massive advert on a really busy road.

LOADS of traffic!

You have the knowledge now – what are you going to do with it?

Instant Video Ranker Launch Special

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Will you be next?

Stop missing out on free traffic from YouTube today – use Instant Video Ranker!

John Thornhill

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Don't waste time, money and effort creating great content that no-one sees - Instant Video Ranker will get your videos to the top of the search results in minutes

Randy Smith

Instant Video Ranker Member

Are you missing out? 

80% of video marketers say video directly helps increase sales

Did you know 80% of all internet traffic is video?

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users

83% of marketers claim video increased leads

Surely 2 Billion monthly YouTube users can't be wrong?

Over 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute!

YouTube is the No.2 search engine – only behind its big brother, Google.

P.S. Google often gives YouTube videos a helping hand and bounces them onto page 1 of Google too!

You want to be at the top of the search results don't you?

Yeah but couldn't anyone just rank at No.1 by putting the search term in the title of the video?

There are 1,000s of videos trying to rank for each search phrase, and most of them have the phrase in the title. 

The title is only 1 element, and that alone will definitely NOT get you ranked! Our checklist bonus gives you all the ranking factors.

Surely this only works if there is no search volume, so it's not worth doing it?

No, this works in most niches. Whatever you do, you are going to have to research your market first. Selecting a top-level keyword, like "iPhone" is not going to work (obviously). 

Nowadays 78% of searches are 3 words or greater - this is where IVR produces results.

Everyone loves
Instant Video Ranker

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Matt's somehow figured out the formula to rank videos on the 1st page of Google, which is like some dark art that's been taught in Hogwart's.

Ruben Clarke

Marketing Agency Owner

It was like Christmas, I was so excited! I was up from 6am waiting for it to go live!

Mel Statner

Local Business Owner

If you're a newbie or experienced on YouTube this package will improve your results, instantly!

Randy Smith

Instant Video Ranker Member

This is my product of the year so far!

John Thornhill


I've seen coaching like this sold for
and even


So why am I virtually giving this away?
When you know I could easily charge $197 or more for this.

Well, I am a businessman, and it's because I would like you to buy more things from me later! I know the best way to get you to buy later, is to let you have this for almost nothing! I know that once you see it, you're going to love it. And guess what, I am gonna try and sell more things to you later. You'd better believe it, I am going to try! 

Also, I don't make all of my money from selling courses. I also run real businesses and agencies, and sell physical products too. Therefore it doesn't hurt me to share my best stuff and helps others along the way.

You're Going To Get All This!

Total Value $836

It's time to decide, and take action...

Instant Video Ranker Launch Special

Thank you and welcome to the Instant Video Ranker Community.
Come on in.

P.S. Remember this is Software + Training in one incredible offer!
P.P.S. After the launch, the price goes up – so act now before it's too late.

Frequently asked questions

What software will I need?

No additional software or purchases are required. You get Content Engine 1.0 included. Everything in Instant Video Ranker is there for you to start ranking your videos at the top of YouTube today!

When will I get access to the course?

Instantly. As soon as you purchase, you will be emailed your log-in details to the Members Area.

Are there any additional costs?

Nope. This is not one of those things, where to succeed at speed you then have to buy all these other bits of kit, or sign up to subscriptions. Everything is included to rank your videos.

Do I need and special 'tech' skills?

No, you don't need any tech skills at all! It's copy and paste. 

Plus, in the Members Area I provide you with step-by-step training on how to do everything. Each video in the Members Area is less than 5 minutes - so you can watch and action immediately. 

What if I need help?

I take great pride in the support I offer. We have a help-desk, a Facebook community and I also will be here; to help you every step of the way.

It is in my interests to help you succeed too of course!

Can you guarantee results?

If you follow the training and choose the correct keywords to go after, yes you will rank your videos at the top of SERPs.

What are the upsells?

I wanted to be upfront about this. With IVR 1.0 you have the tools to rank at the top of YouTube and potentially Google – using video. 

With IVR 2.0 VIP edition you will get an enhanced version of the software which also generates keywords for you to rank for. Plus training on how to find the best keywords to target, and also how to make more engaging, higher quality videos for longer view times and engagement.

You can also model my business with the Agency upgrade. With this you can start your own agency instantly, and get paid to rank other people's videos.

And the final one is a special invitation to join the Instant Video Ranker Platinum Club.

Can I really rank a video in less than 15 minutes?

Yes! Really you can.

In fact if you have your video ready to go already, with practice it is possible to do it in under 5 minutes! Depending on how long YouTube takes to upload it onto their server LOL!

Can I use this to start my own agency?


You will be able to rank your own videos, and also those of your clients.

Take their content and help them get it seen!

And get paid for doing it. I use the model of $297 upfront, and then $97 per month for hosting their videos and maintaining the rankings. You can also manage and create YouTube channels for your clients.

Often this leads into other digital marketing services that you. can offer.

Can you help me target the best keywords?

Yes. If you need help with keyword research I can help you with that too. Also in Instant Video Ranker 2.0 this is comprehensively covered and there is software to help too.

What happens after I place my order?

You will be immediately sent your log-in credentials for the Members Area. 

Here you can access all the training, software, strategies and bonuses.

This sounds amazing, what's the next step?

Just hit the button above and you will receive instant access to the Member's Area and you can get started straight away. 

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