Keyword research top tips

The first step is to identify which keyword you want to target. There are some tools to help you with this:
TubeBuddy - a specialist service for YouTube videos and keyword research
VidIQ - an alternative YouTube specialist service
Keywords Everywhere - for $10 you can get 100,000 searches
Answer The Public - gives you different angles on what people are searching for


Or you can use the V.I.P. Edition of the Content Engine so find more keywords

Once you've identified your keywords, you need to access:

IVR Content Engine 2.0 VIP which gives you search optimized
• Title with different options to choose from
• A much longer description to boost your ranking
• Target audience selection
• Tags
• First comment to add to your published video

Choosing the right keyword is key to your success. Especially if this is your first video.

You are looking to target low-competition and good-volume keywords.

Competition is measured from 0% - 100%, and low-competition is considered to be 0% - 30%.